Using the Internet Film List

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Using the Internet Film List

The film list can be accessed by navigating in RTS to Setup -> Films.

SU Films.PNG          Actions Sched NewSched.PNG

1) From the Film list, select "Add".

2) The Film Information window will prompt.


3) To add a film, select "Internet Film List". This is an RTS compromised database of past, current, and future films with information pertaining to film information, synopsis, and Digital Signage Content. See Setting Up Digital Signage for more information.


4) Select your film you would like to add from the film list. You may search for the film using the search bar by typing th first few letters. Note: The film list is not in alphabetical order, it is sorted by release date. Also, for alphabetizing purposes, the articles a, an, and the are moved as well as punctuation. For example: 15:17 TO PARIS would be 1517 TO PARIS and A STAR IS BORN would be STAR IS BORN

5) Once you have your film selected, click "OK".

6) The Internet Film List will now populate some of the information in the fields.

SU Films List.PNG

7) Sometimes the rating will not appear because the movie has not been rated yet when it was entered into the database.

8) If you are utilizing a feature that requires a film code, press Generate or Find.