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Voiding is how you can refund purchases in RTS

Voiding back onto a credit card

In order to void an item and have the monies charged applied back on the card, you will need either the card or the full credit card number.

To void back to a credit card Follow these steps:

From the selling screen:

  1. Press Menu
  2. Press Void On
  3. Select the Concession Items or tickets as normal
  4. Press Menu
  5. Press Void Off' (In the same place where Void On was)
  6. Check that the subtotal contains the correct negative value

With the Physical Card

  1. Press Menu
  2. Press the Pay button under the Credit Header
  3. Swipe or insert the card as normal

With Just the Full Card Number

Not Using Secure Credit Card Processing

  1. Press Menu
  2. Press the Manual Entry button under the Credit Header
  3. Enter the card number

Using Secure Credit Card Processing

  1. Press Menu
  2. Press the 'Pay button under the Credit Header
  3. Press the Red X on your card reader
  4. Enter the card number on the Card Reader Keypad

Voiding an Online Ticket

Tickets have to be picked up and refunded manually. The customer will need to either contact the theatre by phone or in person.

  1. From the selling screen, go to: Menu -> Pick Up Tickets
  2. Either enter the customers CC number or confirmation number manually, swipe the customers CC, or scan the bar code on the confirmation page. The tickets will print.
  3. Go to: Menu -> Void On
  4. Ring up the same tickets as purchased
  5. Go to: Menu -> Pay
  6. Swipe the customers CC card, or enter the number and expiration manually
  7. Answer the "Are you sure?" prompt. The transaction will complete.

NOTE: It is advisable to only refund money from online tickets as a credit to the customers credit card, and not as cash.

If you have any other issues or questions, don't hesitate to contact us.