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This section will explain how to add films to RTS. Before films can be scheduled, they must first be added to your database. For efficiency and to utilize all available features, please use the Internet Film List when adding your films.

This section is divided into two parts:

- How to Add Films

- Explaining Each Tab

How to Add a New Film

1) The film list can be accessed by navigating in RTS to Setup -> Films. Films can be added directly through the Show Scheduler, accessed by Actions -> Schedule -> Showtimes New Scheduler and selecting the Films button.

SU Films.PNG Actions Sched NewSched.PNG

2) From the Film list, select "Add", or from the Scheduler, click the Films button and select Add.

3) The Film Information window will prompt


3) Select "Internet Film Lists"

4) Select your film from the film list.

5) Add the desired film length in minutes.

6) The settings tab can add features such as 3D.

7) The Distributor Tab allows for you to designate the film company for reporting purposes. You may add Distributors by going to Setup -> Addresses.

SU Addresses.PNG

8) The content tab is where you download your selling screen's graphic film buttons and also for your digital signage boards. Please see Digital Signage Information to find out how you can add this feature to your theatre. To download the content, select Download All. Save when completed.