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Please Call RTS at (865) 212-9703 to first configure these settings.

If you have called and have the configuration in place and are just needing to be sure the settings are set, please follow below.

To ensure that Amenities are applied when you schedule a show, make sure you applied the amenity to both the Auditorium and the Film.

NOTE: Be sure that you are using the Showtimes New Scheduler when scheduling films. Your Amenities may not display correctly in your RTS App if you use the old scheduler.

Selected Amenities in each Auditorium

Please be sure that your desired amenities are selected in your Auditorium Configuration.

  • This can be double checked by navigating to Set Up -> Auditoriums.

Rts auditoriums settings.png

  • Select your Auditorium from Schedule Locations.
  • Choose the "Settings" tab.
  • Check to select your desired amenities.
  • "Close".

If the Film is Not yet Scheduled

You will need to make sure your Amenities are enabled. This can be found under your desired film.

  • To find the appropriate film, navigate to Set Up -> Films and select your film.
  • Once your film is selected choose the "Settings" Tab.

Rts films settings.png

  • Check off any and all desired amenities.
  • Select "Save".
  • Select "Close".

If the Film is Already Scheduled

If your film is already in the schedule you will need to "manually" edit each film to include the desired amenities.

  • To do this navigate to Actions -> Schedule -> Showtimes New Scheduler.
  • Double click on the film, or right click and select "Edit".

Rts showtimesNewScheduler edit 3DTrueBox.png

  • Scroll through to the desired amenity and set to "True".
  • Do this until all desired amenities are selected.
  • Select "Save".
  • Select "Close".
  • Navigate to Actions -> Digital Signage -> Refresh Signs.
  • If you do not see your amenities appear, please contact RTS at (865) 212-9703.

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