Adding Custom Images to Films

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For custom shows like Film Festivals and small run films, there may not be an entry in the Internet Film List. However, you may still want to have images on your app and signage. To assign these custom images, follow the steps below.

Assigning custom images

  1. Navigate to Setup -> Films
  2. Select your film form the list, and press Edit
  3. Go to the Content Tab

    Rts setup films content loadDisk.png

  4. Press the Load From Disk Button, and select your image(s) from the list

    Rts setup films content loadDisk pickFile.png

  5. Press Yes To add the image to the film
  6. Press Save In the bottom left-hand corner

Note: You can only have one of each type of content for each film.

Image Sizes and Type

Images must be JPG / JPEG.

See the table below for the sizes to use for the content type.

If you try to upload content that is not of the below aspect ratios, you will receive the error "Could not calculate aspect [PathToFile]":

Rts setup films content loadDisk wrongSize.png

RTS Content Sizes
Type Description Aspect Ratio (w:h) Suggested Size
Long Title A Long thin image sometimes used on signs 7:1 1400x200px
Movie Button A button for the Selling Screen, and sometimes used on signs 3:1 900x300px
Poster This is what displays on the App and is the most common image on your signs 2:3 1000x1500px
Title This is another one of the more common images used for signs 3:2 1500x1000px

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