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This page goes over how to organize your modifiers when selecting them on the selling screen. This page also talks about how to set items to pull a specific amount from inventory. All of this is done in Setup -> Concessions -> Modifiers.


This modifier example shows how to clean up the look of an existing modifier as well as create fewer steps to select an item on the selling screen.


  • What I did with this example is I created a choice item to remove some of the drink options I had from my sub-item list.
  • With the drink choice, the item is hidden from the register. The reason being is


Concession Choices

An example of this modifier would be I have a button called Drink Choice. Customers get to decide what kind of drink they want.


  • To start I created an item called Drink Choice. The price of the drink choice was the price I would charge for a regular drink.
  • When that item was created I set it to the Modifier window and added the drink choice to the Main Items List.
  • Then in the sub-list, I would include my drink flavors.
  • The min and max for the Main Item Picks are set to 1:1, the reason being is because we want to be able to choose one drink flavor per drink choice.
  • With the choices in place, I am now able to either use this choice as its own button on the selling screen. I can also use this in multiple modifiers without having all my drink flavors as sub-items.


Pulling a Specific Amount from Inventory

An example of this modifier would be I am keeping track of how much of a wine bottle I use to make a glass of wine.