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App stores sometimes enforce a clause that requires the corporation the App is built for to own the development account. Even if we successfully release under our account they may require one in the future to release app updates. This is not a requirement for most customers. If Apple does require your own Apple App Developer account, This will cost $99 a year. We will be notified once we upload your app if an account is required.

To accomplish this please see information below for each App Store:


There are two steps you must follow in order to set up your Apple Developer account. You must create the account and invite RTS to manage the Account, and create an Access Key for us to use in the App. Only the Owner of the Developer Account can create a key, so we cannot do this for you.

Creating your account and Inviting RTS to manage your App

  1. Create a developer account here.
  2. Once that is created, login to Apple's App Store Connect to add invite RTS to manage your App
  3. Add a new user in the App Store Connect. The user should be
  4. Click invite

See the screenshot below for settings to enable:


Creating an Access Key for RTS

This key is essential for RTS to create your app. Only the owner of the developer account can create a key, so even though you invited RTS to manage your account, you will still need to create the key.

  1. Login to Apple's App Store Connect portal with Apple ID of the owner of your Developer account
  2. Select the Keys tab at the top of the screen

    App apple dev userAccess.png

  3. Press the blue plus next to the Active header to add a new Key

    App apple dev keys.png

  4. Enter a name for the Key. We recommend using the name rtskey

    App apple dev Genkeys.png

  5. In the Access Field, check Admin
  6. Press the Generate button to create the Key. You will then be directed back to the keys page
  7. Take note of the Issuer ID at the top of the page, as we will need this as well.
  8. You will now see a row under the Active header with information for the key you just added. At the end of the row, you will see a link to Download API Key. Press the link to download the key.
    Note: This can only be done right after you create the key. Don't forget to download this key.

    App apple dev keys2.png

  9. This should open a message box confirming you wish to download the Key. Press Download to download the key.

    App apple dev downloadMsg.png

  10. This will now download a file called Appauth_*KEYID*.p8. Do not rename this file, as we will need that KeyID
  11. Please email this file, and the Issuer ID to


1. Log in to:

2. Add the RTS management user:

3. Open the Google Play Console

  • Click the Settings menu entry, followed by API access
  • Click the CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT button

4. Follow the Google Developers Console link in the dialog, which opens a new tab/window:

  • Click the CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT button at the top of the Google Developers Console

5. Provide a Service account name - RtsUpload

  • Click Select a role and choose Service Accounts > Service Account User
  • Check the Furnish a new private key checkbox
  • Make sure JSON is selected as the Key type
  • Click SAVE to close the dialog

Make a note of the file name of the JSON file downloaded to your computer

6. Back on the Google Play Console, click DONE to close the dialog

  • Click on Grant Access for the newly added service account
  • Choose Release Manager from the Role dropdown.
(Note that choosing Release Manager grants access to the production track and all other tracks. )

7. Click ADD USER to close the dialog

8. Email the JSON file that was downloaded to RTS at:

See the screenshot below for settings to enable:


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