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Apple sometimes enforces a clause that requires the corporation the App is built for to own the development account. Even if we successfully release under our account they may require one in the future to release app updates. This is not a requirement for most customers. If Apple does require your own Apple App Developer account, This will cost $99 a year. We will be notified once we upload your app if an account is required.

Benefits of an Apple Developer Account:

  • Your app is completely under your control.
  • You own your brand.
  • In the past some app development companies wouldn't relinquish control of developed apps. You'd never have to worry about this with RTS, but the developer account "future proofs" you in the sense your app is available to other developers.

Apple App Developer - Account Enrollment

Once your Apple developer account is approved (this can take a few hours), add as a user with the 'App Manager' security profile.

See the RTS App for details on our Mobile Ticketing App