Automatic Reporting

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This section will explain how to configure automatic reporting to Rentrak, Swift and how to send reports to emails within your company.

This section is divided into two parts:

  • Configure Rentrak/Swift
  • Configure automatic nightly reporting emails

Configure Rentrak and Swift Reporting

Send reports automatically to Rentrak/Comscore and Swift through RTS.

  • Navigate in RTS to Setup – Communications – Rentrak


  • To enable, check off Enable Reporting. To send automatically, check Auto Send When Tickets Closed.
  • You may also enable Send Hourlies and Send Net Only.
  • To send your reports, the Theatre ID, Username and Password will need to be entered into the fields. The credentials will need to be provided by Rentrak.
  • For EBOR, select the EBOR tab and check off Enable Reporting and Auto Send When Tickets Closed.
  • Additional options include Hide Auditoriums and Consolidate Showtimes.

Configure Automatic Report Emails

To send Deposit and Boxoffice reports automatically after closing the deposit via email to a designated address, navigate in RTS to File – Options and select the Communications tab.


  • Enter the address you would like the reports to be sent to at the night end of the night. If multiple address, please separate by a comma.