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RTS has the ability to send customized deposit total reports to multiple emails whenever the deposit is closed. These reports can vary by person and you can send multiple different reports to the same person.

Setting Up From Email

This is the email address your customers will see when they receive their ticket confirmation emails when purchasing tickets online. This email is also used to send confirmations for mobile app purchases, and to send nightly shift reports. To configure this, go to:

File -> Options -> Communications.

Email Configuration.png

Server and Port are provided by your email host. This is the outgoing mail server information and is required for emails to work correctly. See Common Mail Server Settings below.

Setting Up Automatic Emails

To send Deposit and Boxoffice reports automatically after closing the deposit via email to a designated address, navigate in RTS to Setup -> Reports -> Automatic Emails.

To add a new email recipient:

  • Select Add Custom or Add From Address Book. The latter will prompt you to choose a contact from what is configured in Setup -> Adresses.
  • Choose which reports you would like to send to this email address by using the checkboxes on the right.
  • When you are done adding and configuring emails simply click Save to finish.


Note: If more than one Report Group is chosen for a specific email address it will send a separate email for each group selected.
Note: In the Shift Total Reportsection, if only Enable Auto Send on Deposit Close is selected and no enabled report groups, it will send the Full Report.
Note: Email reports will only send if an outgoing email address has been configured at File –> Options and select the Communications tab

Configuring Custom Reports

  • Click the configure button in the top right of the Deposit Total menu and select Configuration or Navigate to: Setup -> Reports -> Report Groups or Select "Configure Groups" from Setup -> Reports -> Automatic Emails.
Deposit total custom save as.png
  • This menu shows the same category field as the deposit total menu but with a few added features.
Deposit total custom configure.png
  • From this menu, you can add or remove saved configurations and edit new or old configurations.
  • To create a new Report to send out start by selecting ADD
  • Enter a name for the report group
  • The newly created group will now show in the list. Select it to edit.
  • From the menu on the left turn on or off sections of the report by setting them to True or False.
  • After selections have been made select SAVE

After the custom report has been saved it can be viewed in any menu that contains the Report Groups drop-down menu

Deposit total custom report name.png