Bixolon Printing Issues Due to Windows Update

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Recent Windows updates have created issues with many Bixolon printers causing them not to print. This will show you how to uninstall the problematic Updates.

Removing the Updates

Please follow the steps below to uninstall specific windows updates.
In RTS navigate to File -> Other -> Control Panel -> All
Bpidwu control panel.png

1) Switch the view to Large Icons
Bpidwu change view.png

2) Select Programs and Features
Bpidwu programs select.png

3) Select View installed updates
Bpidwu programs updates.png

4) Click on the Windows Update (KB5003690)
5) Click Uninstall (A prompt will appear verifying you want to uninstall)
Bpidwu programs uninstall.png

6) Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the Windows Update (KB5004945)

7) Optional: Head to the next section to prevent windows from reinstalling the updates.

Preventing the Update from Reinstalling (Windows 10)

In RTS navigate to File -> Other -> Command Shell
Bpidwu cmd.png

In the box that appears type start ms-settings: (You will need a keyboard for this step)
Bpidwu cmd mssettings.png

From here select Update & Security
Bpidwu settings.png

Select Advanced Options
Bpidwu settings update-security.png

Select a date from the Pause Updates section. It is recommended to set it to at least a month.
Bpidwu settings update-security advanced-options.png