COVID-19 Pricing FAQ

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1) What if my license has not expired yet?
The plan is available upon your license renewal.

2) Will I still receive all the same features as the annual license plan?
Yes. You will receive all features with the COVID-19 plan, including the location branded mobile ticketing app.

3) Can I switch back to the annual license plan at a later date?
Yes. If you decide the annual core license plan is a better option for you, the yearly plan is still available.

4) What credit card processors does RTS integrate with? Is EMV required?
RTS integrates with Heartland and WorldPay. EMV is required. However, EMV may be waived under certain circumstances.

5) How do I sign up for the App?
Fill out the App Setup Form. The form is available here.

6) What option is best for me?
We offer this pricing plan as an alternative to paying upfront license fees. If you prefer to pay a one time fee, then please consider the annual core license.

7) How do I run a report of my previous Internet Ticketing Sales?
To view past online ticketing sales, please visit our wiki page here for instructions.

COVID-19 Pricing Plan

You can learn more about the optional alternative pricing plan here: COVID-19 Pricing Plan