Calibrating your Touch Screen

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To calibrate your touch screen in RTS use the following procedure:

1) Go to: File -> Other -> Explorer.


2) Navigate windows explorer to your windows Desktop and double-click on the eGalaxTouch shortcut.


3) If you have more than one touch screen monitor attached to your system you can use the Monitor Mapping button to select which monitor you'd like to calibrate. Then click the Tools' tab.

EGalaxyTouchMonitor Mapping.JPG

4) From within the Tools tab click the 4 Points Calibration button.


5) Follow the instructions on the calibration screen by touching and holding the calibration dot until that corner is complete. The dot will move to all four corners of the screen.


Your monitor should now be calibrated.

--RD Crocker (talk) 18:43, 16 January 2019 (UTC)