Canadian EMV & Tap and Pay

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Before you begin configuring your location to use EMV with Tap and Pay please have the following information ready...

1. Global Merchant Number (This may not change if you are enabling Tap and Pay for a location already configured for EMV)
2. DeploymentID
3. Have a list of all selling stations with the following information...
 3a. Computer Name
 3b. Serial Number of the reader attached to the machine
 3c. The Lane ID (Terminal number) that coincides with the serial number. 
Vantiv will be able to provide a list of serial numbers and the Lane ID that goes with it.

The EMV Server will need the following version of Net-E-Pay installed. (ONLY ON SERVER)

Canadian EMV (Rental)  Click Here

Each client station will need the following version of DSI EMV ClientX installed:

DSIEMVClientX is version 1.26 Click Here

Configuration Steps:

1. Confirm all open credit card transactions have been captured. See ____ for instructions on closing a batch.