Closing Procedures

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Servers Closing Themselves:

  • From the pinpad login screen, select Close and login.
  • On the Credit Cards tab, highlight an entry and enter any credit card tips.
  • Enter cash for orders under Cash, excluding tips. Those go under the Cash Tips section.
  • When everything looks good, select Close Server.

Manager Closing Servers:

  • From the pinpad login screen, select Manager and login.
  • Actions -> Station -> Close Tab Station
  • If servers have closed themselves out, they will appear under Closed. From here you can verify you received the correct amount of Cash and Cash Tips for each server and select Finalize Station.
  • If servers have not closed themselves, they will appear under the Open tab.
  • In here you can highlight a server, view if they have any open tabs still, add tips to credit cards as well as enter in their Cash and Cash Tips. If you are closing them out and immediately finalizing, you can click Close and Finalize Station instead of doing it in two steps.
  • If any cash drawers were used, it will show which servers were on them as well as how much should be in the drawer and is closed out in the same fashion.

Closing ticket stations:

  • You can view which stations are still open via Reports -> Stations -> Open or

Actions -> Station -> Close Station

  • If you do not see the open station here, you can add stations to the computer under Setup -> Station Numbers, select it from the list on the right and select Add, then Save.
  • They will now appear on the list of stations to close.
  • Enter the amount of cash in, this can all be put into the Checks field, or broken down by bill type, then select Close Station.

Closing the deposit:

  • Follow the steps for closing ticket stations. After clicking Close Deposit, will additionally be prompted for secure user information for sending the credit card batches.
  • After the deposit is closed, there will be a prompt to close tickets. Select Close Tickets.
  • The shift report is sent automatically when the deposit is closed, the daily ticket report is sent when the tickets are closed.