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<code>Reports -> Deposit -> Recap Daily</code> -  
<code>Reports -> Deposit -> Recap Daily</code> -  
Basic breakdown of total income for the current day.<br><br>
Basic breakdown of total income for the current day.<br><br>

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Ticket Reports

Reports -> Tickets -> Checker -

Reports Tickets Checker.JPG

The checker report is used to provide a ticket sales report to a ticket checker hired by distributors. The report will only display show times that have been closed. The report allows selection of specific film titles and show times.

Reports -> Tickets -> Open -

Reports Tickets Open.JPG

The open report displays all show times, which have not been closed, that tickets have been sold for.

Reports -> Tickets -> Boxoffice -

Reports Tickets Boxoffice.JPG

The boxoffice report is used to generate weekly film reports for specific films.

Reports -> Tickets -> Weekly -

Reports Tickets Weekly.JPG

The weekly report displays the daily film gross by day for each title being shown. The report is used to report daily box-office receipts to your booker. This report can also be configured to compare the current weeks' grosses with the previous week and display the percentage change.

Reports -> Tickets -> Daily -

Reports Tickets Daily.JPG

The daily report displays all show times that started during a specified day. Before a show time will appear on this report, the show time must be closed.

Reports -> Tickets -> Log -

Reports Tickets Logs.JPG

The log report displays each individual ticket that was sold for a show time that starts on the specified day.

Reports -> Deposit -> Pass Log -

Reports Deposit PassLog.JPG

This report allows you to see a log of all passes issued between specific dates or just over one day. Set your dates and select view.

Reports -> Tickets -> Hourly Sales -

Reports Tickets HourlySales.JPG

This gives you an hourly breakdown of ticket sales over the course of a day. Showing you sales of tickets for each movie per hour, as well as a total for all movies that hour.

Deposit Reports

Reports -> Deposit -> Total -

Reports Deposit Total.JPG

The total report display sales information for each station that was closed during the specified deposit period. The report can be filtered to display information on specific stations. The report can be configured to display all deposit sales by specifying a first and last date for the report. The total deposit report will include ticket sales made during the specified time, but these ticket sales should not be used to report box-office receipts to the distributors since the report only displays tickets that were sold during the specified time.

Reports -> Deposit -> Daily Sales Summary -


The daily sales summary gives a concise display of sales during the current day.

Reports -> Deposit -> Discount Detail -

Reports Deposit DiscountDeatils.JPG

The discount detail report shows all discount entries during a specific time period.

Reports -> Deposit -> General Entries -


The general entries report shows current day sales with advance tickets sold and maturing on separate lines. Tickets should be closed before running this report.

Reports -> Deposit -> Recap Daily -

Reports Deposit RecapDaily.JPG

Basic breakdown of total income for the current day.

Reports -> Deposit -> Waste Details -

Reports Deposit WasteDetails.JPG

The waste detail report shows all discount entries during a specific time period.

Reports -> Deposit -> Sales Log -

Reports Deposit SalesLog.JPG

The sales log displays each transaction that has been tendered.

Reports -> Deposit -> Summary -


Concession summary reports are used to view sales trends over time. You may choose any date range and view and compare concession item sales. You may even graph out the results.

Reports -> Deposit -> Theatre Comparison -


The theatre comparison report is used to compare different theatres sales information over time.

Reports -> Deposit -> Yield -


The Yield Report is currently in customer beta testing. No further help is available at this time.

Reports -> Deposit -> Per Cap By Title - The per cap by title report shows per capita concession sales by film title. The report will only be accurate for sales when tickets and concessions are sold on the same transaction.

Reports -> Deposit -> Item Sales Per Employee -


Shows item sales per employee, great for employee contests.

Stations Reports

Reports -> Stations -> Cash Drawer Levels -


Allows you to see total cash that should be in each drawer, the amount of money taken out through cash drops, and the total amount of sales. You can refresh this as often as desired by pressing the refresh button. It is also possible to add a cash drop for a station from this screen.

Reports -> Stations -> Open -


The open stations report displays a list of currently open stations, the sales and inventory levels for individual stations can also be displayed.

Reports -> Stations -> Closed -


The open stations report displays a list of currently closed stations, the sales and inventory levels for individual stations can also be displayed.

Inventory Reports

Reports -> Inventory -> Remaining -


The inventory remaining report display how many of each item is remaining in the theatres' inventory and how many days the current inventory should last. The number of days remaining is calculated using sales for the past 35 days.

Reports -> Inventory -> Summary -


The inventory summary report shows all sales during the selected time period. It also lists every inventory correction made during this time.

Reports -> Inventory -> Count Sheet -


The inventory count sheet displays all items in the selected station. Can be printed to allow staff to use as a guide when counting inventory.

Reports -> Inventory -> Concession sales with Inventory -


Displays inventory information by deposit.

Mag Card Reports

Reports -> Mag Cards -> Daily Log -


The daily card log displays a list of all mag card transactions during the specified days.

Reports -> Mag Cards -> Individual Log -


The individual card log displays all card transactions for the specified card during the last year.

Reports -> Mag Cards -> System Total -


The system total report displays how many cards are in the system, the total amount of debit remaining, the number of super savers remaining, and the number of super savers that are expired.

Reports -> Mag Cards -> Lookup Registered Card -


This window enables lookup of registered mag cards. The search can be performed by the name, address, zip code, or ID fields. Search entries are case insensitive. If multiple search entries are used, the returned card numbers must match all entries. You may update the customers information at this screen as well.

Reports -> Mag Cards -> Transaction Log -


This report provides a list of all mag card transaction for the date(s) selected. This includes Supersavers, Passes, Gift Cards, etc.

Reports -> Mag Cards -> Marketing Builder -


The Marketing Builder is currently in customer beta testing. No further help is available at this time.

Time Clock Reports

Reports -> Time Clock -> Daily -


Shows daily time clock usage.

Reports -> Time Clock -> Current Status -


Shows the current status of every employee in the system.

Reports -> Time Clock -> Employee -


Breaks down time clock punches by employee.

Reports -> Time Clock -> Detail -


Shows a detail of every punch made for a specified amount of time.

Reports -> Time Clock -> Payroll -


Print out of hours worked, pay rate and total amount due per employee.

Reports -> Time Clock -> Payroll Cost -


Illustrates the payroll cost according to sales and admissions.

Sales Monitor Reports

Reports -> Monitors -> Sales Monitor -


The sales monitor windows show a real-time display of station sales data. The window can be configured to view a selected station number or it can be configured to view user-defined groups of stations. Click the configure button to setup a user-defined group. After a user-defined group is setup, it is available for selection in the filter list.

Reports -> Monitors -> Ticket Monitor -


The ticket monitor shows a real time display of ticket sales information.