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Customer facing displays are used for reserved seating and as ad displays.

Configuring the Display in Windows

Once you have connected the display, you need to extend the desktop to this display. To do this, go to File -> Other -> Control Panel -> Display in RTS.

Under Multiple Displays select "Extend These Displays".

WinDisplay.png Win7Display.png

  • Note: If your computer is running Windows 10 and the Desktop is replaced, you will need to restore the desktop before you can access these settings.
  • Note: If the external display is smaller than your POS Computer's display, Windows will resize your POS Computer's display to match the external display. This will throw off your calibration. Once the desktop has been extended, your POS Computer's display should return to normal along with your calibration settings. If it does not, you can see Calibrating your Touch Screen for instructions to recalibrate the display.
  • Note: On some 5514's, the Customer Facing Display is not mapped properly which causes its touch screen to map to the 5514's display instead of its own. To fix this see Remapping your display

Configure Reserved Seat Picks on you Second Monitor

To access the setting for the Reserved Seat Picker, navigate to Setup -> Local Computer -> Reserved Tickets.

To enable the Reserved Seat Picker, check the Resv Chart - 2nd Monitor option.


Configure Advertising Display

The Advertising Display is what will appear when you aren't selling. See Advertising Display for instructions on how to set up your advertising display.