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You can customize elements of your RTN Ticketing Page by editing your web files. You can change text and add links using standard HTML on the ticketing pages and/or can add your own CSS file to control the look and feel of your site.

Choosing a Page to Edit

  • Navigate to Setup -> Ready Ticket Network -> Edit Web Files.
  • Choose the page you wish to edit from the top drop-down selection titled File To Edit. For example, to customize or add CSS to your site you would choose the RTN style sheet.
  • Here, you will be able to change page data then save it by clicking "Save File" at the bottom.

SU RTN EditWebFiles.JPG

Restarting the Internet Server

NOTE: Perform these steps on the RTS server See: Identifying your RTS Server for details.

  • Once you've made and saved your changes you'll need to restart the Internet Server by going to: File -> Other -> Switch To -> Internet Server.
  • Here, you'll click "Restart Internet Server" to push your changes.

File Other SwitchTo InternetServer.JPG

RTN Web File Descriptions

Configurable RTN Website Files
Additional scripts Java script to be run on your RTN page
Confirm (CC) page Credit card payment confirmation page
Online giftcard style sheet CSS style sheet for the online gift card Page
Pick tickets page Ticket picker page
Pintable ticket page At home printable tickets page
Reserved pick page Reserved seating picker page
RTN style sheet RTN website CSS style sheet
Showtimes page Showtime display page