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(Ticket Layouts)
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'''Custom RTS Epson Ticket'''
'''Custom RTS Epson Ticket'''
<gallery mode="traditional" widths=250px heights=200px>
Image:Custom_RTS_Epson_Ticket.jpg|''General Seating''
Image:Custom_RTS_Epson_Ticket(reserved).jpg|''Reserved Seating''
''General Seating''
''Reserved Seating''

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See below for the most common layouts for your ESC/POS compatible thermal printer (Epson, Samsung, Bixolon, etc.). These ticket layouts are accessed via:

Setup -> Local Computer -> Connections

SU LocalComp Conn.JPG

Ticket Layouts

Custom RTS Epson Ticket

Custom RTS Epson Ticket General.jpg

General Seating

[[ Reserved Seating

Custom RTS Epson Ticket V2

Receipt Layouts