Generating a Report Showing Internet Ticket Sales for a Date Range

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You may want to see the total online ticket sales for a year if your thinking about changing your online ticket fee, switching to COVID-19 licensing, or adding the RTS app.

Generating the Report

To Generate the report,

  1. Navigate to Reports -> Deposit -> Total
  2. First you'll want to set the report to a date range, and to filter by Internet Tickets. To do this,
    1. Change the Select by option at the top from Deposit to Date
    2. Using the First Date and Last Date Dropdowns, select the dates you wish to view the report for
    3. On the Station List Dropdown, select Internet Ticketing
  3. To Configure the report to only show ticket information
    1. Press the None button on the right hand side, below the options to quickly change all options to False
    2. To enable a summary, set the Summary uner thge 2. Shift header to True
    3. To enable a breakdown of what ticket types were purchased, set the Ticket Type Summary to True under the 1. Tickets header
    4. To enable a breakdown of how your titles performed over the date range, set the Title Summary to True under the 1. Tickets header

Rts reports deposit total byDate internetTicketing.png