Getting Started With Reserved Seating

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Below is a sample of our reserved seating layout. We create an image for your seats as well as an image for the background. We will need a blueprint of each of your auditoriums to configure them in RTS. We need a clear count of your seats as well as them labeled correctly. We configure the Row and Seat onto each seat, so those will need to clearly be marked. i.e. A1 A2 A3, etc. Once we have the blueprint we can begin building each auditorium in RTS. Included in the email we will need an aerial view of your seats. This is best taken standing behind the seat and holding your phone or camera up to snap a photo. We will create an icon for your seat from the provided image. Lastly we will design a background. We do this best by receiving an image of one of your auditoriums, this allows us to set the floor type and accommodate your colors. Please send all information for reserved seating to our support team at, and they will contact you if further information is required.


Recommended hardware for reserved seating -