Holding a Seat

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This will allow you to manually hold seats for a specific showing. These can be held for an amount of time up to the end of the showing.

Performing a Hold

  1. Open the selling screen
  2. Navigate to the desired showing and select Pick Seats
  3. Select Menu then Hold Seat

    Rts selling reservedSeating menu.png

  4. Click on the seats to be held and select "Finalize Hold Seat(s)"


  5. Enter the amount of time in minutes you wish to hold the seat and the customer information / Reason for the hold
    (The number of minutes cannot exceed the time from now until the end of the showing)


    1. You can set the amount of time to hold either using the Change button, which will give you quick shortcuts.

      Rts selling reservedSeating holdSeats change.png

    2. You can manually add time to the existing hold time by pressing the Add Mins button
  6. Click Save

A held seat will appear as a sold seat Online, on Kiosks, and on Customer Facing Displays. On the Employee screen, held seats will appear with a green overlay.

Rts selling reservedSeating heldSeats.png

Selling / Clearing a Held Seat

  1. Open the seating chart for your performance
  2. Select a held seat

    Rts selling reservedSeating sellClear.png

    1. To clear a held seat, press Clear Hold
    2. To sell a held sear, pres the Sell Ticket button

NOTE: Clearing or Selling a held seat will only affect the selected seat.

Finding Held Seats

To quickly see what seats have been held in a performance:

  1. Open the seating chart for your performance
  2. Press Menu then Find Held Seat

    Rts selling reservedSeating findHeldSeats.png