Hosted Checkout Password Generation

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An RTS representative may ask you to generate a Hosted Checkout Password in order to set up your Worldpay eCommerce internet account.

A step by step video of this process by WorldPay is available HERE

To Generate the hosted Checkout password:

  1. Login to Worldpay's AccessMyIQ portal
  2. Navigate to the Self Service tab in the main left-hand navigation and select the Self Service option within that


  3. Once you are on the Self Service page, make sure the Hierarchy Level dropdown has Merchant selected. (Note: this is the default option)


  4. Press the plus in the Enter a value or click + to lookup box
  5. Select the Merchant you wish to generate a hosted checkout password for in the window that poped up, then press the Select button. (Note: you will want to your Ecomm account, not your retail account)


  6. Press the Search button back on the Self Service Window


  7. Enter the Processing Credentials tab
  8. Under the Hosted Checkout header, press the Generate Password Button
  9. Press the Copy button to copy the hosted checkout password to your computer's clip board. You can paste it into an email or text document using CTRL+V, or Right Click and Paste.
    When Generating your Hosted Checkout Password, you MUST hit the Copy button. Copying the Displayed HostedCheckout will not work.


...[T]here is a known issue in iQ right now for HostedCheckout passwords wherein merchants and partners must select “Copy” in order to get the valid password. Just clicking generate will not show the password.

This issue has been escalated internally to our iQ and back office teams to find and implement a fix. But in the meantime, I’d advise any of your merchants to utilize the copy button when generating HC passwords.