Identifying your RTS Server

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Some configuration or troubleshooting steps will require you to make changes to your RTS server. To identify the server machine:

If you are at a selling screen, click Menu.


Now click Stop Selling which will take us to the RTS base program.

Menu StopSelling.png

From the base RTS interface (a gray screen) look at the application title bar. Starting from the upper left you will see the RTS Title Bar.



If the station says Server you are on the RTS server. If the machine is not the server it will say Workstation instead.

Items on the Title Bar
R:{???} This is your theatres RTN number
T:{??} The machines terminal number (not to be confused with selling station number)
C:{??????} This is the computers Windows name

--RD Crocker (talk) 20:21, 14 January 2019 (UTC)