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RTS allows you to integrate an LRS Pager system into your order workflow. With this system, you can hand customers a pager, and RTS will automatically page your customer when you finish an order on a pickup viewer.

Setup on the LRS Transmitter

Defualt Transmitter Passsword

The default password for the LRTS transmitter is 56789

Setup Network Connection

A network connection is required for RTS to be able to communicate with the LRS Transmitter.

On your Transmitter

  1. Press Setup
  2. Enter Password (Default: 5-6-7-8-9)
  3. Press 3 Other
  4. Press F2 (Down)
  5. Press 3 Network
  6. Press 1 Configure Network
  7. Press 2 Enabled
  8. When the screen displays Network Type, Press 1 DHCP
  9. Connect Network Cable

LRS Manual

LRS Transmitter and Pager Troubleshooting

If you are having a non-RTS issue with your pager, please try these guides from LRS.

General Transmitter Troubleshooting

Rechargeable Pager Troubleshooting

Battery Operated Pager Troubleshooting

CS7 Error Codes

Setup in RTS

Once you have set up your LRS Transmitter

  1. Navigate to Setup -> Comunications -> LRS Pagers

    Rts communications lrsPagers.png

  2. Set Enabled to True
  3. Set Disable Pager Transmission to False
  4. Set Prompt When Order Ready to True
  5. Under the Detected Transmitter drop-down, select your pager.

Optional Settings:

  • Retry Count: If you're having trouble consistently paging your pagers, try increasing the Retry Count.
  • Page Type: You can change the way your pagers page with this setting.

Using the LRS Pager System

Selling With a Pager

Once you have set up your pager system with RTS, you will receive a popup at the end of every transaction prompting for a pager number. The number you enter here is the number RTS will page when the order is ready.

Rts selling pagerEntry.png

Ringing a Pager

RTS will start paging the pager when the Finish button is pressed for the order on the pickup viewer.

Rts pickup withPagerNumber.png

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