Marking Seats as Broken

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When you have a seat in need of maintenance, set that seat as broken. This can be done in two places.

1) Setting Seats As Broken in the Selling Screen

  1. When in the reserved seating view, hit the "Menu" button. Next, select "Mark Broken" and proceed to select the broken seat.

    Rts selling reservedSeating menu.png

  2. If you have any prior tickets sold to the seat you're set as broken, a window will appear with the performance details for each ticket purchased for that seat. Please be aware this is only a notification message and the tickets sold to this seat will have to be reassigned or voided on a case by case basis.

  3. When the seat has been fixed, select the Broken Seat directly from the reserved seating view and select "Clear Broken State".

    ClearBrokenSeat 1.jpg

2) Setting Seats As Broken in the Reserved Seating Setup

  1. Broken seats can also be enabled or disabled at Setup -> Reserved Seats -> Graphical. Right click on the seat in question, click "Set Broken" and set it this to on.


  2. To undo this, follow the same steps, but Set Broken to off.
  3. When the seat has been set to broken, it will appear with a red X on it.



Marking seats as broken requires the Manage Broken Seats password permission. By default, only users set to the [RTS] OWNER password group have this password permission enabled. If you want people who aren't set to [RTS] OWNER to be able to set or remove broken seats, please this page on configuring password groups.