Membership Discount Setup

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Setting Up a Membership Discount

A few things to note before you begin...

1. This will only be applied to gift cards that are registered in RTS.
2. This will only apply to items that are configured to allow a movie card discount.

These instructions will guide you through assigning a discount amount as well as enabling the movie card discount on an item.

Assigning a discount Amount

1. In RTS Navigate to Setup - Mag Cards - Options.
2. Here you will find an option labeled Registered Discount (See image below)


3. Here you will change the discount amount accordingly.
4. Press Save

Next, you will need to configure the applicable items to accept this discount.

1. In RTS navigate to Setup - Concession - Items
2. Select the item to update.
3. Press Edit
4. Check the box labeled Discount with Movie Card (See image below)


5. Press Save

At this point, your guest will receive the assigned discount under the condition that the membership card has been added to the transaction and the items being purchased are enabled to receive this discount.