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This article will explain how to configure a Microsoft Dynamics Export in RTS. In Actions -> Export -> Microsoft Dynamics

Configuring MS Dynamic Export

Configuring the export is done by selecting the Configure Export button in the MS Dynamics Export window.

Note: Make sure, when making any changes to the configuration window, to click on the save and close button.

Creating an Account

Creating an account will allow you to configure the export that will be uploaded to Microsoft Dynamics.

1) Select Add/Edit Account to create the new account name.
2) Once an account is created then allocations and the value (Viewing the Gross, Net, or Tax of the location) of the export can be configured.

Creating Allocations

Allocations are created to distribute amounts to ledger accounts that are within Microsoft Dynamics.

1) Select Add Field, then insert the name of the Allocation, the account number associated with it, and whether it will be viewing credit or debit transactions.


Assigning Items to Allocations

Deposit sections, subtotal, and concession items can be set as items to allocations fields.

1) Highlight the item on the left-hand side
2) Select <<< Add and then this will then move the item over to the selected field.


Note: Make sure to highlight the Allocation field that is getting the new Item assigned to it or else it will default assigning the item to the first allocation on the right-hand side.
Shift Admissions
Shift Ticket Gross - ticket gross after the deposit has closed
Shift Ticket Net - ticket net after the deposit has closed
Shift Ticket Tax 1
Shift Ticket Tax 2
Daily Admissions
Daily Ticket Gross
Daily Ticket Net
Daily Ticket Tax 1
Daily Ticket Tax 2
Cash Deposit
Credit Visa - total sales amount from visa cards
Credit MC - total sales amount from master card
Credit Amex - total sales amount from American express
Credit Discover - total sales amount from discover
Credit Other - total sales amount from other credit cards
Advance Internet Sales -
Advance Station Sales -
Matured Sales -

Exporting Microsoft Export

There are two types of exports that can be done in RTS, one is by a specific deposit and the other is by a date range of the deposit.

  • When you select the export button on the MS Dynamics Export window, RTS creates a CSV file that is saved onto the machine.