Modifiers (Combos, Recipes, etc.)

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Modifiers (Recipes, Combos, etc.)

  • are optional concession items that are sold with other concession items

Navigate to: Setup -> Concessions –> Modifier


Setup Modifiers Explained

Main Items - The Main Item is the name of your combo or the parent item that will have items associated when sold.

Sub Items - Sub Items are the items within your combo or that will be associated when the main item is sold.

Main Item List - This is the list of all concession items. Drag the item from this list to either your Main Item list or Sub Item list.

Min - This is the least number of modifiers that can be selected for the current main item.

Max - This is the maximum number of modifiers that can be selected for the current main item.

Sub Item Options

Stock From - This designates the stockroom the sub item will stock from.

Sell From This Station Inventory - Check mark if the item will sell from station inventory.

Amount - This designates how many items are sold. For example, if your combo features (2) Large Drinks, Large Drink will have the amount of (2) opposed to listing Large Drink twice in the Sub Item window.

Discount - This deducts the price of the item based on the amount entered into the field.

Multi Pick Initially Selected - This selection is configured for each sub item when multiple sub items can be selected. If this setting is checked, when the modifier menu is first displayed, the item will be initially selected.

Special Button - This is used to modify an item after it has been added to the tender menu, typically used only for restaurant mode.

Hide in Register - The item will not appear in the tender menu.

Not Free (Parent Reward) - If the Main Item is being redeemed as a reward, this selection will allow the Sub Item to still have a cost associated with it if selected.

Disable Reward Redemption - This prevents the Sub Item from being used as a reward. For instance, someone has a free popcorn reward available and orders the combo which already has a discounted popcorn in it and they do not want their reward to go towards a discounted item.

Prompt for Amount Override - When this Sub Item is selected, it will prompt to enter a quantity.