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Best Practices

Assign a static IP address to each machine running RTS software. Ensure that the addresses are outside the DHCP range for your network. If this is not done, a router failure or DHCP problem will cause machines to fail to connect with the server.

Enable a DHCP server for the point of sale network.

Do not connect an Open WIFI network to the point of sale network.

Do not connect a protected WIFI network to the RTS network with a password given to all employees.

Internet Ticketing

A static public IP is not required for your Internet connection unless using You should forward TCP ports 2235, 80, and 443 to your RTS server. If you do not forward 80 and 443 certain corporate customer computers will not be able to purchase internet tickets.

Port 2237 is no longer required to be forwarded and should be removed from your forwarding rules.

Digital Signs - Chromecasts

If using Chromecasts for digital signage, Google requires a DHCP server. The DHCP server should assign addresses in the point of sale network range. Chromecasts must have internet access.