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Getting started with RTS is easy. One of our account coordinators will speak with you about the specifics of your location and help you determine what hardware and RTS features work best for your unique setup. It's then a matter of filling out setup forms that our technicians use to create your database. Once the database is created your server setup is either installed on your onsite equipment or loaded onto one of our POS machines and shipped to you.


Customer Onboarding

Location Setup Steps
Needs Anaysis How many stations are required and what RTS features are being utilized
Theatre Setup Forms Fill out setup forms HERE
Credit Card Processor Determine your Card Processor HERE
Database install Our technicians create your Database on the server

Setup Checklist
Getting Started Guide

RTS Information - Detailed Product Guide
Selling Tutorial Video - Watch a demo of RTS' selling functions
Mobile Ticketing App - A native, location branded app with notifications
Pricing -  Breakdown of our license plans