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This page contains everything that must be done, within and related to RTS, to pass PCI Compliance / Trustwave scans.


  • Ports 2235, 80, and 443 must be the only ports forwarded to the server. Older locations may have port 2237 forwarded to the server. This port is no longer required and should be removed.
  • The router must have pings enabled otherwise you will be considered offline and fail the scan

More information about port forwarding can be found here.


  • Navigate to: Setup -> Ready Ticket Network -> Options.
  • Web Server Port must be set to 80
  • Web Server Port SSL must be set to 443
  • Block Unencrypted must be set to true
  • Force TLS 1.2 must be set to true




  • The Trustwave scan must include the hostname, not just the IP address, as your RTN page is hosted on your RTS Server. This means the scan must be setup to include an ecommerce website.

Your hostname will look like this "RTN.formovietickets.com:2235", except swap out RTN with your RTN number. The RTN Number can be found at the top left of the title for the main RTS window, in the format "R{RTN NUMBER}"