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Configuring your locations Email Settings

Internet Ticketing Email Settings

This is the email address your customers will see when they recieve their ticket confirmation emails. To configure it go to:

File -> Options -> Communications Email Configuration.png

Automatic Reports Email Settings

This is the email address you would like to receive automatic reports to. To configure this go to:

File -> Options -> Communications Automatic Reports Email Settings.png

Online Gift Card

This is the email address used to send your customers Online Gift Cards. To configure this go to the Online Gift Cards email configuration tab:

Setup -> Gift Certificates -> Online Gift Cards -> Email Online Gift Cards Email.png

Using GMail with RTS

Gmail may not work in RTS due to enhanced security. If the account is setup correctly but you are still failing authentication then enable the "Less Secure Apps" option at the following link. Be sure that you are signed into Gmail with the user account you intend to use in RTS.


Common Mail Server Settings

[Google Gmail]

[Yahoo Mail]