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3)  '''Right Click''' on the background and make sure '''"Table Service Layout''' is selected.
3)  '''Right Click''' on the background and make sure '''"Table Service Layout''' is selected.

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Table Service w/ Ticketing

Use these options if you plan on doing both table/quick service and ticketing from the same station.

Enabling Restaurant Mode

Quick Service Instructions

Table Service Instructions

Disabling Ticketing Features

1) Navigate to Setup -> Concessions -> Touch Screen Layout -> Employee Station

SU Conc TouchScreenLayout EmployeeStation.JPG

2) Select the Station Number you wish to remove ticketing from.

3) Select the Delete Item Button, click the Tickets item, unselect the Delete Item Button.

Full Service Restaurant

Use this if you are looking for a more in-depth table service solution. This interface does not include an ability to sell tickets.

Enabling the Full Service Interface (Pin Pad Mode)

To enable Full Service Restaurant Interface, go to: Setup -> Local Computer -> Restaurant
Click PinPad Login

SU LocalComp Rest.JPG

The next time you login to RTS you'll then be able to login with the Pin Pad Interface.

Pin Pad Login.PNG

Pin Pad Login Options

Login Click this after entering in your pin/password
Manager This brings up the standard RTS login box and allows access to RTS base mode
Close Initiates Cashier Closing procedures
Time Clock

Enabling a graphical layout for table service

Your restaurant layout is created in the same manner as reserved seating. Refer to our article here: Setting Up Reserved Seating

Once your layout is complete you set it by going to:

1) Setup -> Reserved Seats -> Graphical

2) Choose the appropriate layout from the Layout dropdown.

3) Right Click on the background and make sure "Table Service Layout is selected.

SU ReservedSeats Graphical.JPG

4) Create a Schedule Location for your layout - see Auditoriums

5) Assign a default starting layout to a station. Navigate to Setup -> Banks, select the Station Number, set the Station Type to Reserved Seat Tabs then assign the Default Restaurant Place to the layout set up previously.

Setup Banks Default Starting Layout.PNG