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==Picking up Tickets==
==Picking up Tickets==
===Ticket Picked Up===
===Ticket Picked Up===
[[File:UsherAppTicketPickSuccess.png|300px]]<br />
===Ticket Already Picked Up===
===Ticket Already Picked Up===
[[File:UsherAppAlreadyPicked.png|300px]]<br />
===Ticket Pickup out of Timeframe===
===Ticket Pickup out of Timeframe===
[[File:UsherAppOutofRagePickup.png|300px]]<br />

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RTS Usher App

The RTS usher app allows you to pick up tickets from an Android device. It works similar to a barcode scanner allowing you to scan tickets your patrons print out or to also scan customer phones directly. Below are example screens and button descriptions to help use the app effectively.

Usher User

You will be required to set up an email address for "usher" employees. To add an email address, navigate in RTS to Setup –> Password.

NOTE: If you are not able to see your name in the Password list, an administrator with higher credentials will need to configure your settings.

SU Password.PNG

Add your email address in the “Email Address” field under the Info Section.


Configuration Screen

This screen is where you enter your login credentials and server IP address within the Usher App


  • Login - Clicking this button takes you to the app login screen where you'll enter your email address and password.

  • Config - Clicking this button opens the server configuration window where you'll enter in the local IP address of your RTS server.

Server Setup

This screen allows you to input the server IP address. The device you have the usher app on must be connected to the same RTS network as the RTS server. You'll enter the Local IP address of your RTS server in this window.


  • Cancel - This button cancels the setup and returns you to the previous screen.

  • Connect - This button connects you to the RTS Server IP address entered into the app.

Logging In

From this screen you can log into the usher app. You'll enter the email address added to the employee account in the steps above


  • Login - After entering your login credentials this button logs you into the app.

  • Clear - This button clears the login credentials in the case that multiple users are operating the same device or you've entered in incorrect credentials

Scanning Tickets

Once you've successfully logged into the usher app, from this window you can choose which camera to use, whether to turn the light on or off and finally, to scan tickets.


  • Flip Camera - If there are front and back cameras, this button will allow you to switch which camera to scan barcodes with.

  • Light - If the device is equipped with a light, this button will turn the light on or off.

  • Scan/Pause - Use this button to scan barcodes. When the camera is active this button will change to Pause, which will turn the camera back off.

Scan Screen

Picking up Tickets

Ticket Picked Up


Ticket Already Picked Up


Ticket Pickup out of Timeframe