Getting Started With Reserved Seating

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Setting up Reserved Seating

To get started with reserved seating please email our support team at with the following information:

  • A blueprint of each of your auditoriums to configure them in RTS
    • Please clearly mark anything you want to be included on your chart (Entrances, Exits, Stairs, Posts, Railings, etc) as well as inform us you'd like them to be included
    • Each seat's Row and Seat number should be marked as we include them on each seat i.e. A1 A2 A3, etc.
    • Any Handicap or Companion seats should be marked
  • A total count of your seats for each auditorium. Include Wheelchair spots and companion seats in this count.
  • An Aerial view of your seats (This is best taken standing behind the seat and holding your phone or camera up to snap a photo.)
  • Your design choice (see table below) and any extra information we may require for it

When our support team has received your information, it will enter their queue. If they have any questions they will reply to your email. Once your seating is complete, you will receive an email with instructions on using your reserved seating as well as an image of your layout for your to approve.

Seating Examples

Based on Your Website

We can base the design on the style and branding of your website. This is the most popular design format. It keeps layouts on-brand with your website and it is easier for customers to read than a more realistic style.

Lyric.jpg Schubert.jpg Greendale.jpg

Realistic using Auditorium Photos

We can design your layout to look like the inside of the actual theatre. You can provide us photos of the inside of your theatres and we will match it as accurately as possible. This type of layout will take longer to build due to the amount of detail required.

CustomDesignExample.jpg CustomDesignExample2.jpg


We can use a white or black background with square seats of your choice of colors.

ReservedSeating basic1.jpg ReservedSeating basic2.jpg

Reserved Seating Features

Broken Seats

If you have a broken seat in one of your auditoriums, RTS allows you to mark it as broken, and it will take effect in all auditoriums immediately. If you have customer-facing displays, the seat will be hidden on that screen, but not on your employee screen. To learn how to use this feature, please see our page here.

Holding a Seat

If you need to reserve a seat for a single performance, RTS allows you to apply a hold to the seat. This will prevent anyone from purchasing the seat while it is held. Please see our page here for instructions on using this feature.

Seat Swaps

When you need to change what seat is reserved in an auditorium for a patron, you can use RTS's Seat Swap feature. See Our page here on how to do this.

Seat History

Sometimes you need to look up the purchase history for a seat for a particular auditorium. For instance, if a patron comes in to pick up an advanced ticket, but you find out their seat has been moved. You can use the RTS Seat History feature to find out what happened. See our page here for more information.

Ticket Excange

Occasionally you may need to exchange what ticket has been purchased for a seat. For example, one of your patrons may have purchased an Adult ticket online but may qualify for your discounted Senior ticket. You can exchange their ticketing using our Ticket Exchange feature. For more information, please see our page here.

Voiding Seats

Voiding a Reserved Seat ticket is a little bit similar than voiding a general admission ticket. Please see our page about voiding here.

Automatic Seat Buferings

To help you adhere to social distancing guidelines, RTS added an Automatic Seat Buffering Feature. This will automatically "hold" a configurable number of seats to the left and right of any purchase. This works online, at the kiosk, in the App, and on the employee selling screen. For more information, see our page here.