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Using Auditorium States in RTS allows you to display messages on your directional and auditorium signs to denote the current status of your Auditoriums depending on showtime. This can be used to trigger messages such as "Now Seating", "Cleaning", "Please Wait Outside", or any custom message you define. These messages will display for all auditoriums, but the timing at which they do so will depend on the time of the next showtime in the auditorium, along with the trigger minutes configured. States must be hardcoded on your signs in order to implement them. If you are not currently using Auditorium States, please email our media team at

Configuring States

To configure the messages to display and when to display them, navigate to Setup > Digital Signage > Auditorium States.

Host2 2020-05-05 10-31-44.png

Within this menu, you will give your message a name, as well as a short and long message.

Message Types
Short Messages are displayed on Directional Signs.
Long Messages are displayed on Auditorium Signs.

Modify the Trigger Minutes to flag the auditorium's state either before or after showtime (i.e. 10 minutes before). Once you have configured your message, select "Save".

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You can remove existing states by selecting them in the "Current Sates" window and selecting "Remove State".


This example shows the message switching between 3 configured states.


See Also

To get started using states, email our media team at For General Digital Signage Questions, refer to Setting Up Digital Signage.