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Display Amenities allow you to configure how amenities display online. If you want an image to be associated with the Amenity, this is how you would set it up.

Configuring the Display Amenities

  1. Go to Setup -> Ready Ticket Network -> Display Amenities.


  2. Under "Amenity Settings", set the following:
    1. "Base Amenity" - the base RTS amenity.
    2. "Display Name" - the name you want this amenity to display with.
    3. "Description" - the description you want to use for this amenity (used for the tooltip)
    4. "Display Type" - how you want the amenity to be displayed.
    5. "Promoted Amenity" - sets if the amenity is a "promoted" amenity, allowing different behavior (via CSS) on the web page.
    6. "Non-Standard Video Amenity" - this should be enabled if the amenity is not a standard 2D video format.
    7. "Image" - allows for an image to be assigned to the amenity
  3. Click "Add New" to add the new amenity to the "Configured Amenities" list.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each amenity you want to display
  5. If you want to change the text used for 2D showing from "Standard" to something else, change the "Standard Showing Text".
  6. Click "Save"


The following settings were used for this example:

  • Base Amenity = Lux Level
  • Display Name = CWX
  • Description = CWX
  • Display Type = Text Only
  • Promoted Amenity = Unchecked
  • Non-Standard Video Amenity = Unchecked
  • Image = No Image

Rts rtn displayAmenities example.png Rtn displayAmenities.png

Enabling Display Amenities

In order to enable Display Amenities on your RTN page, follow the below steps.

1. Navigate to Setup -> Ready Ticket Network -> Options.


2. Set the "Show Amenities on RTN Page" to be "True".

3. Click "Close".

4. On the server, go to File -> Other -> Switch To -> Internet Server, and press the Restart Internet Server button.


Determining the order of amenities on the page

Amenities display in the order they're listed in the "Configured Amenities" list. You can move amenities up/down in the listing to change the order they appear in.

1. Go to Setup -> Ready Ticket Network -> Display Amenities.


2. Highlight a display amenity under "Configured Amenities".

3. Use the "Up" and "Down" buttons to move the amenity.

4. Click "Save".

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