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Sydney Englert | Partnership Manager, IP Partner Channel<br>
Roxane Covert | Merchant Solutions<br>
[tel:970-335-5400 970-335-5400]<br>
[tel:970-340-1727 970-340-1727]<br>
[mailto:sydney.englert@fisglobal.com sydney.englert@fisglobal.com]
[mailto:Roxane.Covert@fisglobal.com Roxane.Covert@fisglobal.com]

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RTS supports EMV credit card processing to protect your credit card data. This guide will cover how to set up your accounts with your credit card processor, order card readers, prepare for your credit card set up, and details the setup process. For more information on EMV and RTS, see our page here.

Processor Options

RTS directly integrates with two credit card processors, Heartland and Worldpay. To begin setting up your accounts, please contact our representatives. Or, an RTS sales representative may set up a call for you. Contact information for Heartland, WorldPay, and RTS is available below.


Phil Kilpatrick | Senior Relationship Manager
Tel: 805-701-3682
Fax: 888-744-5545


Roxane Covert | Merchant Solutions

Ready Theatre Systems


RTS also supports EMV credit card processing on the TSYS platform. The boarding process for TSYS EMV varies more so than with Heartland and WorldPay and requires additional conversation with the RTS sales department. Also, please note, to process EMV credit cards through TSYS, a $1,000 per year, per location license fee applies. Please contact our sales team for additional information.

RTS Sales Team

Setting up your Accounts with your Processor

You will need to configure two accounts and order credit card readers with both Heartland and/or WorldPay. Your two accounts will include a retail account and a hosted checkout account for your online ticketing sales. This section will consist of the specific account details needed for each processor, so you are best prepared for your call with Heartland or WorldPay.


Heartland may ask the following questions on your call:

  1. Name of your account
  2. Approx annual credit card sales volume
  3. Are you currently processing with EMV and looking to switch processors?
  4. Are you experiencing issues with chargebacks?
  5. How many workstations will require a secure credit card reader?
  6. Do you currently have secure credit card readers?

Be prepared to set up:

  1. Retail Account
  2. Ecommerce Account
  3. Order secure credit card readers. Additional information on ordering secure card readers is available below.


WorldPay may ask the following questions:

  1. What is the RTS product version?
    The software version they need is RTS-v 7.1 dsiEMVUS-dsiPDCX E2E-MToken
  2. Will you need a separate Hosted Checkout/eCommerce account?
    Yes. This is needed to take credit cards online and in the RTS app.
  3. Will you need hardware?
    Yes, you will need secure card readers. Additional information on ordering secure card readers is available below.
  4. How many secure card readers will you need? WorldPay may refer to this as “lanes”.

When you are finished with your call with Worldpay, you should have:

  1. A Retail Account configured for RTS-v 7.1 dsiEMVUS-dsiPDCX E2E-MToken
  2. An eCommerce Account
  3. Have ordered secure credit card readers

Ordering Credit Card Readers

Secure card readers are required at every terminal processing credit cards. You will no longer be able to swipe credit cards on your magnetic swipe reader. Please note, you will still use your magnetic card reader for gift cards and loyalty cards.

Secure card readers must be purchased through your credit card processor. They will load encryption keys unique to the processor onto the reader to secure your transactions. If you do not order your readers from your processor, you will not receive a reader with the correct encryption keys, which will prevent the readers from working.

Please view our Supported Credit Card Readers page to see what card readers you can use with RTS. You may also discuss credit card reader options with your credit card processor representative.

Setting up RTS with your new Accounts

RTS will setup up credit card accounts Monday - Wednesday. We will only switch a credit card account Thursday-Sunday in emergencies. It is potentially more challenging to reach your credit card processor during weekend hours. We want to be prepared for all outcomes when dealing with your credit cards.

Before the Setup

There are a few things you will need to do before we can begin setting up your account.

  1. Contact RTS before your target date for processing EMV credit cards. We will assist you in setting up your readers ahead of time to ensure a smooth transition.
  2. At this time our techs will also verify that your credit card processor has emailed RTS both your retail and eCommerce accounts. Please check your account status with your credit card processor.
  3. If you are processing with WorldPay, please generate your Hosted Checkout Password and email it to support@rts-solutions.com. You can see our wiki page here for instructions on doing this.

Setup Day

Please contact RTS at least one hour before you open before the day. Ensure you have the following ready:

  1. Your secure username and password. These are the credentials used to close the deposit at the end of the night.
  2. A credit card available to run a test and void a transaction.
  3. All of your secure card readers installed and tested
  4. All stations and the deposit closed and batched

During the Setup

RTS will configure your credit card accounts using the account information emailed from your credit card processor. Before the setup can occur, RTS will verify your batch has transmitted from the night before. They will then configure your accounts. Next, they will verify the account information is correct by having you complete a credit card transaction, then voiding the sale on to your card. Once completed, your location is ready to process EMV credit card transactions.

Important Notes Regarding EMV Credit Card Processing

  1. Heartland uses Time Initiated batches instead of Host Initiated batches. Meaning, Heartland batches will be sent when Heartland requests the batches instead of the batch transmitting manually when the batch closes. This typically occurs at night, but will occur regardless of if your stations are open or closed. Because the processor is handling batching, any problems with the batch can be processed quicker and more efficiently. However, as RTS is no longer aware of when the batch transmits, the batch section of your reports may no longer represent what will be deposited into your bank account from the processor. You will also notice that the batch section on your deposit report will be for the last deposit instead of this deposit.

  2. If you are upgrading to EMV from standard credit card processing, you may notice some changes. These include:
  • Customers cannot pick up tickets purchased online by swiping a credit card.
  • Loyalty points can now be earned for online sales.
  • Payments with Paypal can now be accepted online
  • Signature amounts are no longer user-configurable. The credit card processor instead determines signature amounts.
  • The Credit Card receipt will change and will no longer be configurable.
  • 3rd party websites may need to adjust custom purchasing pages
  • You will not need secure user credentials for closing the deposit, however, they will still be necessary to change credit card processing account information
  • When using secure processing, customers have the option to store their credit card details in their app
  • Manually charging a credit card will be handled on the card reader, not on the selling screen
  • You can now accept payments with contanctless payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay