Setting up Employee Discounts

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Setting up Employee discounts in RTS

First, enable the employee discount option:

  1. Go to: Setup -> Concessions -> Employee Discount
  2. Check the "Enable Employee Discount" option
  3. If desired, check the "Round Down to 25 cents" option
  4. Set the percentage discount that all new employees will receive

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any employees added to the system after the above steps have been completed will receive the percentage discount specified above.

Determine which items will allow a discount:

  1. Go to: Setup -> Concessions -> Items
  2. Highlight any item that can be discounted, and select "Edit"
  3. Check the "Enable Employee Discount" option
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each item that can be discounted

To apply discount for existing employees:

  1. Go to: Setup -> Password
  2. Highlight an employee and check the Group setting:

Option 1 - If the employee is using the [Custom] group

    1. Choose the "Discount" tab
    2. Ensure the "Receive Discount" option is checked
    3. Set the percentage discount the employee will receive
    4. Repeat for each employee using the [Custom Settings] group
    5. Select "Save" when complete

Option 2 - If the employee is using an [RTS] pre-configured group

    1. Select "Close" on the Setup Password window
    2. Go to: Setup -> Password Groups
    3. Select "OK" to the warning
    4. Select "Add"
    5. Enter a new group name, e.g. Cashiers, and then select "OK"
    6. Select "Yes" when prompted to base the group on an existing one
    7. Highlight the [RTS] group the employee is currently in and select "OK"
    8. Choose the "Discount" tab, and highlight the percentage discount the employees in this group will receive.
    9. Select "Save"
    10. Go to: Setup -> Password
    11. Highlight the employee using the [RTS] pre-configured group, change the group to be the newly built group.
    12. Repeat for each employee using that group.
    13. Select "Save" when complete

IMPORTANT NOTE: If using multiple types of [RTS] groups you will need to repeat for steps in Option 2 for each group, until all employees are in custom built groups.

To ring up a discount

  1. Ring up the items being discounted
  2. Go to: Menu -> Discounts
  3. Highlight the employee and select "OK"

IMPORTANT NOTE: If discounts are configured to round down to 25 cents, and the discount being applied would subtract less than 25 cents from the order, there will be no discount applied.