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(Transfer within Building)
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4) When the items are adjusted, select '''Ok'''.
4) When the items are adjusted, select '''"Ok"'''.
==<span style="color:#800000">'''Transfer within Building'''==
==<span style="color:#800000">'''Transfer within Building'''==

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RTS can be configured to track and update stock counts automatically if items are received into stock. Using various RTS reports, you may then reference reports to verify stock levels and modify stock levels as needed.

NOTE: Refer to Setting up Station Items and Modifiers to make sure your stations are configured to pull inventory correctly.

Receiving Inventory

1) Select Actions –> Stock Inventory –> Receive or Return


2) Search for the item you would like to stock

3) With the item highlighted, enter the order or memo number, designate the stockroom, the amount entering in (if one case of 50, enter 50) and the total cost (this is optional).


4) When the order is ready to be added, select "Add to List".


5) The order will not be finalized and added into the stockroom until you select "FINISH".

Listed Reports: While adding in stock, you may reference the following reports from the receive or return window. Station Inventory will not update until after you close out the Deposit for the day.

Station Inventory: Inventory report, including inventory corrections and receive or returns.

Count Sheet: Lists current details with boxes next to it to use as a guide for completing the end of night counts. Updates in real time.

Current Details: Current inventory details. Updates in real time.

Correcting Inventory

1) Select Actions –> Stock/Inventory –> Correct Inventory

2) Choose the stockroom or station you would like to correct. If the stockroom is not in the list, navigate to Setup – Station Numbers and add the stock room.

3) Enter the correct inventory amounts.

NOTE: RTS will automatically adjust your numbers as you sell. If you are routinely making large adjustments to particular items, please contact our tech support team to verify your configuration settings.


4) When the items are adjusted, select "Ok".

Transfer within Building


1) Select Actions –> Stock Inventory -> Transfer Within Building

2) First, choose the Station or Stockroom the item currently resides in that you would like to transfer

3) Next, select the Station or Stockroom from the drop down menu, the item will be transferred into from the "To Station".

4) Select the "Item" that will be transferred, followed by the "Amount".

5) When the transfer is set how you would like it, select "Transfer".


RTS has multiple reports available for tracking inventory:

  • Navigate to: Reports –> Inventory –> Count Sheet: Displays current details with a space to indicate current levels in stock.

Reports Inv CountSheet.PNG

  • Navigate to: Reports –> Inventory –> Concession Sales vs Inventory: Displays inventory information by deposit. This information will update after the deposit is closed. See Conc Sales Vs Inventory for more details.

Reports Inv ConcSalesVsInv.PNG

  • Navigate to: Reports –> Inventory –> Cost: RTS will calculate the cost of items if the information is entered when receiving items into stock.

Reports Inv Cost.PNG

  • Navigate to: Reports –> Inventory –> Current Details: Live count of stock as day progresses. The deposit does not have to close for this report to update.

Reports Inv CurrentDetails.PNG

  • Navigate to: Reports –> Inventory –> Inventory Remaining: Displays how many of each item is remaining in the location’s inventory and how many days the current inventory should last. The number of days remaining is calculated using sales for the past 35 days.

Reports Inv InvRemaining.PNG

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