Setting up ONLY Trailers

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1- Add the respective film in to the film list 2- Have the trailer you would like to add somewhere on the disc that you can get to easily. 3-Make sure the trailer is an .MP4

     --You can use a youtube link and if you don't have access to another source.

4-Now we will place the Trailer where it needs to be. 5-Navigate to Set Up- Digital Signage- Films 6-Choose your film from the left hand side 7- On the right you will see a button named "Assign Custom Preview" 8-Select this button and find your trailer that you previously placed on the disc. 9-Close out of this window 10- Navigate to Set Up- Digital Signage - Poster Signs - Signs. 11- You will see your poster sign selected and will see the list on the right hand side of films you currently have playing on your TV. Remove any if needed. 12-When you hit "Edit" at the bottom of the window it will allow you to make changes.


13-Choose your film from the Display Options (1) make sure "Show Preview" (2) is checked off. The first "Save" button (3) will save the individual film settings and the second "Save" (4) will save your entire sign configuration. 14- Once you have added your films you can close. 15 Restart your software to update all signs.