Setting up a Kiosk

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To set up a machine for kiosk mode use the following procedure:

Assign Kiosk Configuration and Set Kiosk Station Number

  • Navigate to Setup -> Kiosks
  • Select "New Config" and enter a name for the configuration.

SU Kiosks.JPG

Assign a Station Number to RTS

  • Navigate to Setup -> Station Numbers.
  • Set your station number for the device, kiosk are between 80 and 98.


Set the Kiosk's Configuation and Station Number

  • Navigate to Setup -> Local Computer -> Kiosk.
  • Select "Edit Kiosk Station Numbers" and select the station number assigned in the step
  • Select the "Kiosk Station Number" and "Kiosk Configuration" that have been set up.

SU LocalComputer Kiosk.JPG

Set the Machine to boot into Kiosk Mode

  • Navigate to Setup -> Local Computer -> Other.
  • Select "Self Serve - Kiosk".

SU LocalCOmputer Other.JPG

Restart RTS

  • Navigate to File -> Other -> Restart Software.

File Other Restart Software.png