Setting up a Kiosk

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To set up a machine for kiosk mode use the following procedure:

1. Assign Kiosk Configuration and Set Kiosk Station Number

Setup -> Kiosks - New Config Choose the default entry or give your configuration a custom name. Then click Edit Kiosk Station Numbers and select a station number from 80 to 98


2. Assign a Station Number to RTS

Setup -> Station Numbers Set your station number for the machine


3. Set the Kiosk's Configuation and Station Number

Setup -> Local Computer -> Kiosk Select the "Kiosk Station Number" and "Kiosk Configuration"


4. Set the Machine to boot into Kiosk Mode

Setup -> Local Computer -> Other Select "Self Serve - Kiosk"


5. Restart RTS

File -> Other -> Restart Software

File Other Restart Software.png