Setting up a Kiosk

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To set up a machine for kiosk mode use the following procedure:

1. Assign Kiosk Configuration and Set Kiosk Station Number

Setup -> Kiosks Select "New Config" and enter a name for the configuration.

SU Kiosks.JPG

2. Assign a Station Number to RTS

Navigate to code>Setup -> Station Numbers

Set your station number for the device, kiosk are between 80 and 98.


3. Set the Kiosk's Configuation and Station Number

  1. Navigate to Setup -> Local Computer -> Kiosk
  2. Select "Edit Kiosk Station Numbers" and select the station number assigned in the step
  3. Select the "Kiosk Station Number" and "Kiosk Configuration" that have been set up.

SU LocalComputer Kiosk.JPG

4. Set the Machine to boot into Kiosk Mode

Setup -> Local Computer -> Other Select "Self Serve - Kiosk."

SU LocalCOmputer Other.JPG

5. Restart RTS

File -> Other -> Restart Software

File Other Restart Software.png