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Super Saver tickets are used as a “buy in bulk” option and are loaded onto a mag card (gift card/loyalty card). Supersaver tickets should be tickets specifically created to be used as super savers.

Set up

There are 3 main steps to setting up your Super Saver tickets.

Configure Super Savers

To enable Super Saver Tickets, navigate to Setup -> Super Savers

Rts superSaver.png
  • Enabled
Must be set to true for super savers to be utilized
  • Price
This will be the price the customer needs to pay to get the super saver discount.
  • Expire
How many days after purchase the tickets will be valid for
  • Admissions
The number of tickets the customer will acquire from purchasing super savers
  • Verify Redemption
Determines whether verification is required for redeeming tickets purchased through super savers

In the example above, customers can purchase 15 tickets, good for 90 days, at $100, with no redemption verification needed.

Creating a Ticket

To create the super saver ticket, go to Setup -> Tickets -> Price, select the appropriate price category, then click Edit. In the following screen, select Add Ticket in the bottom left and enter “Super Saver”.

Rts tickets price superSaver.png

Super Saver Ticket will need to be checked for customers to be able to redeem them. RTS will offset the price of the ticket and the super saver ticket purchase automatically, the price of the ticket itself is not inherently important. For best reporting results, set the price as (Amount of admissions) divided by (Price).

ex- customers can purchase 15 tickets at $100. 100 / 15 = 6.67

NOTE: Enabled Internet, Enabled Kiosk, and Enabled Web Api should NOT be checked.

Setting the Class Rules

After creating the ticket, we will need to allow it to display on the selling screen. To do this, navigate to Setup -> Tickets -> Class Rule

Rts tickets classRule superSaver.png

After selecting the correct rule name and price category, set the rule for the super saver tickets as “1=1”. This basically means the ticket will ALWAYS be displayed on the selling screen, for every performance.

NOTE: Even though it is set to always display, you will not be able to sell super saver tickets unless a mag card is scanned that currently holds valid super savers.

Selling Super Saver Tickets

To sell a super saver from the selling screen, select Menu -> Sell S. Saver.

Rts selling menu sellSuperSaver.png

After selecting “Sell S. Saver”, you will be prompted to scan or enter a mag card. The register will then begin a transaction for the super saver tickets, with the number of tickets available to redeem. The transaction can then be completed as normal.

Rts selling transactionSuperSaver.png

Redeeming Super Savers

When a customer would like to redeem his / her super saver tickets, their mag card will first need to be entered. Do this by going to Menu -> Enter Card. Once the card has been swiped or entered, the card will display with the available super saver tickets.

Rts selling transactionSuperSaver zoom.png

Next, select the performance the customer will be viewing and ring up the ticket as usual, but making sure to select the “Super Saver” ticket type. The following will be prompted

Rts selling superSaverRedemption.png

Repeat the above for each ticket that will be redeemed in the transaction, then hit “Exact Change”.

NOTE: Previously mentioned, super saver ticket types can ONLY be purchased after a mag card with super saver available to redeem. If a cashier tries to ring in a super saver ticket without a mag card entered, the following will appear.

Rts selling superSaverNoMagCard.png