Terms of Service

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This section will discuss how to enable terms of service for your app.

This section is divided into two parts:

1) Configuring Terms of Service

2) Terms of Service Module Explained

Configuring Terms of Service

1) Navigate to Setup –> Ready Ticket Network –> App Configuration 2) Select Terms of Service.

Terms of Service blank.png

3) In the Terms of Service Short Description, enter in the white space: “I accept the terms and conditions” 4) In the Terms of Service Long Description, enter the policies for your service agreement.

Terms of service text.png

5) Select "Save" when done.

Terms of Service Module Explained

Terms of Service - Short Description:

This text will appear on the confirmation page of your app. The user must check the box before proceeding to the checkout page.


Terms of Service - Long Description:

Contains the body of your terms of service. This appears when the user taps on the short description of the terms of service.