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Occasionally you may need to exchange what ticket has been purchased for a seat. For example, one of your patrons may have purchased an Adult ticket online but may qualify for your discounted Senior ticket. You can exchange their ticketing using our Ticket Exchange feature.

Exchanging Tickets

To use the seat history, enter the reserved seating selection screen for the performance then:

  1. Press Menu

    Rts selling reservedSeating menu.png

  2. Select Ticket Exchange
  3. Press the Seat you want to exchange
  4. Select the new ticket type

    Rts selling reservedSeating ticketExchange.png

  5. Repeate the above steps 3 and 4 for as many seats you wish to exchange
  6. Pess the Finalze Seats button, then Okay

    Rts selling reservedSeating ticketExchange finalize.png
  7. The tickets will be added to the transaction. You will need to finish the transaction in order to finsh the exchange. You can pay with a credit card or cash if you need to charge/refund the difference between the tickets.

    Rts selling reservedSeating ticketExchange itemList.png