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Depending on your printer model there are many different ticket layouts available to you in RTS. See below for the most common layouts for your ESC/P compatible thermal printer (Epson, Samsung, Bixolon). These ticket layouts are accessed via:

Setup -> Local Computer -> Connections

Recommended Epson Layouts

Ticket Layouts

Custom RTS Epson Ticket

General Seating
Reserved Seating

Custom RTS Epson Ticket V2

General Seating
Reserved Seating

Receipt Layouts

Credit Receipt

Alternative Layouts

Epson Tm Series/Samsung SRP Series

Samsung SRP Series.jpg

Custom Epson Ticket

Custom Epson Ticket.jpg



User-RightPerf BT.native

User-RightPerf BT.native.jpg


User-Samsung MiddlePerf.jpg


User-Samsung MiddlePerf2.native.jpg


User-Samsung SRP Reserved Seat.jpg

Should you ever need to disable printing temporarily you can do so be setting the connection type of the printer to NUL

--RD Crocker (talk) 17:14, 9 October 2018 (UTC)