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To add or configure questions to punches:

  1. Navigate to Setup -> Time Clock -> Punch Inquiry Setup

    Rts setup timeClock punchInquiry.png

  2. Press the Add button in the bottom left-hand corner to add a new question
  3. Double click the text in the Question column to edit the Question Text.
  4. In the Punch Type column, set the type of punch for which you want to ask the question. You can assign them to Clock in/out, Lunch in/out, and Break in/out
  5. If you wish to require that employees answer to complete the punch, set the value in the Response Required column to Yes
  6. Press Save to save your changes.


When your employees punch in/out and there are questions configured for that punch type, they will receive a keyboard to type their response.

Rts timeclock question.png

If they fail to enter a response, they will receive an error message saying:

Punch Type failed due to invalid Inquiry submission. Please Try Again. 

Rts timeclock question noResponse.png

They will need to re-punch from the timeclock menu.